Emanuela Bonaffini

Emanuela Bonaffini

Illustrator & Artist


Born in Italy and raised mostly in Montreal, I always wanted to be part of something creative. I've been drawing since I can remember but never thought I could turn it intp something more. I've always loved cinema and animation and decided to be well versed in both fields. I went to study cinematography and journalism, while working with a few outlets to showcase my writing but I didn't feel satisfied with it.

I then realized I needed to develop my talent in drawing, and once I did, it just felt so right. I started to use more and more complex mediums, starting with pencils, down to photoshop. I now prefer working digitally as I can translate the feel of a paintbrush or pencil, while enhancing their properties, making my illustrations feel very organic .

I love to create animal characters as I can translate my sense of humour through them. If I can make one person smile with a drawing, I feel like I've fulfilled my purpose.

My goal is to become a freelance illustrator. I have been selling my prints to various comic book shops in Montreal, taking part in the annual Comic Con to showcase my work, and I have also interned in a creative agency for them to use some of my drawings.

I would love to do more and be part of something bigger.


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2016 – present


Neon Cactus

01.10.2018 – 01.02.2019

Intern Illustrator

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